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Major Initiatives

The Kaspia Group is currently working with several communities throughout New Mexico to provide affordable housing solutions for their residents. We assist in providing financing as well as develop construction strategies to meet the specific needs of the communities we serve.

In 2009, The Kaspia Group became one of the first recipients of Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds in the State of New Mexico. We partnered with the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority (MFA) and the City of Albuquerque to implement NSP in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque. Using funds from the first round of NSP, we were able to purchase and rehabilitate 51 homes. All of those homes have been sold to qualified low- and moderate-income families.

We are proud to announce that the State of New Mexico recently chose the Kaspia Group as the NSP Developer for the third round of NSP funding. The State received $5 million in federal funding that will be used to continue the work of NSP3--purchasing, rehabbing, and selling foreclosed in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. We are excited to continue working with this program and providing quality housing to low- and moderate-income families, while also improving our neighborhoods. We have made a great amount of progress in this 3rd round of NSP funding. We have completed the remodel on 4 homes and are currently remodeling 11 more. We are also in the process of purchasing 6 additional properties in the coming month. If you'd like to see the homes we currently have listed under NSP3 and otherwise, please visit the Omni Village Realty tab above!


We are happy to say that we still have 3 newly remodeled NSP3 homes in Albuquerque available for qualified buyers as the program is coming to a close. Not only are they remodeled but they are also part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program which offers qualified buyers financial assistance in purchasing the home. Check out the Omni Village Realty tab above for more information on our Realtors and their listings, or better yet call us at 505-314-1086 for more information! Let us help you find an affordable home that you'll love! Read More

If you haven't yet had a chance to see if you qualify for an NSP home, we encourage you to call our realtors at Omni Village Realty right away! We still have five NSP homes for sale, but they will be the last of the NSP program houses Kaspia will have on the market. Call or visit our Omni Village Realty tab today! Read More

The Kaspia Group, Inc. and Horizon Building Technologies are excited to announce that we are currently hiring for the factory in Walsenburg, Colorado. There are 21 open positions that need to be filled with an expected start date of September 3rd, 2013! Click here to apply! Read More

The Kaspia Group is excited to announce that we have recently purchased 3 new  homes under the NSP3 program that are currently well into rehabilitation and should be on the market very soon! We are also in the process of purchasing one more, and likely our final, NSP1 home.  We are happy to continue the program and still have 11 homes for sale under NSP3.  Check out the Omni Village Realty tab at the top of the page for our current listings! Read More

The Neighborhood Stabalization program is still going strong here at the Kaspia Group.  We have recently sold 7 of our properties and are in the process with 7 more completely remodeled homes.  The good news is that we still have 13 properties available to be sold under the NSP3 program that are eligible for the up to 20% soft second loan for qualified buyers.  Please visit our Omni Village Realty page for the listings or feel free to call 505-314-1086 to speak with a Realtor about the program today! Read More

With continued progress in the NSP3 program Kaspia will soon be listing 6 more NSP3 homes for sale and is continuing to purchase even more homes for the program.  We have also been given the opportunity to purchase two more homes under the NSP1 program in Rio Rancho and are in that process right now.  Keep an eye out for our upcoming listings under the Omni Village Realty tab! Read More

The Kaspia Group is excited to announce that we have 9 new NSP3 homes on the market! This means we have a total of 12 homes currently for sale under the NSP3 program and we will be listing several more homes soon. To view current listings please visit the Omni Village Realty tab at the top of the page. Read More

We are happy to announce that we are getting very close to putting several more NSP3 homes on the market!  Keep checking back for updates on when these homes will be listed! Read More

Kaspia currently has four NSP3 homes listed for sale!!  Please contact David Ray at Omni Village Realty for more information on this exciting opportunity at (505) 314-1086. Read More

It has been a very busy holiday season for us! Read More

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